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  • BAE Systems

  • How Do I Register?

    Registration Instructions

    In the Applications – BAE Systems table at the bottom of this page, click on the specific application that requires registration.

    Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is Exostar’s secure portal that provides access to applications, except BAE Systems Buysite.

    • Already have a MAG account?Then you can access new applications via the existing account. Request access to available applications under the ‘Home’ tab in MAG.
    • Application not listed in MAG? If an application does not appear under the ‘Home’ tab in MAG, then your organization has never registered for that application. In this case, the application needs to be approved by Exostar and/or BAE Systems (depending on the application) before it will appear.
    • How do I get approved for access? If your organization does have access to the application (it is listed on the ‘Home’ tab), an administrator under your organization’s MAG account can approve your request for access.
    • Who is my administrator? To identify your MAG administrators, click the ‘My Account’ tab, and then click the ‘View Organization Details’ sub-tab.

    Applications – BAE Systems

    Supply Chain Platform - BAE Systems (SCP-BAE)

    BAE Systems Portal


    ForumPass and Federated Identity Service (FIS)

    BAE Systems Buy Site