•  Boeing Portal Registration for Suppliers   


    1.  Organization Registration

    Organizations requiring first-time access to Boeing's Portals (BP) through Exostar must contact a Boeing Procurement Agent to be invited to complete the registration.  The company must already be an established Boeing Supplier.    

    2.  Organization Administrator(s) and Application Administrator(s) Assignment

    One or more employees of the supplier company will fill the Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) Organization and Application Administrator roles.  The Organization Administrator role is typically responsible for completing the initial registration.  The Organization Administrator will also create and manage individual MAG accounts.     

    The Application Administrator is responsible for approving or denying requests to the Boeing Portal.  A complete description of the Organization and Application Administrator's responsibilities can be found here

    3.  MAG Account Registration for Individuals

    Users will work with their Organization Administrator to create their individual MAG accounts.  Users accessing Boeing's Portals will require their own Exostar MAG User ID.;   

    4.  One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token

    An Exostar OTP Hardware Token is required to access Boeing's Portals. Individuals accessing the portal will require their own token.  Boeing's Portals also accept the following credentials:    

    • Exostar's FIS Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) Hardware Digital Certificate
    • Exostar's Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG)
    • DoD CAC
    • NASA PIV (Personal Identity Verification)
    • NGC One Badge (Issued by Northrop Grumman)