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  • How Do I Register?

    To see detailed registration information, click on a specific application in the table below. 

    General Registration Information:

    • Exostar applications are accessed via Exostar’s secure portal called Managed Access Gateway, or MAG.
    • If your organization already has users that access an Exostar application through MAG, any MAG user can request access to available applications on the ‘Home’ tab.  
    • If the application does not appear under the ‘Home’ tab in MAG, it needs to be approved by Exostar and/or Boeing (depending on the application) and then it will be available.
    • A MAG administrator for your organization can approve the access request. 

    To see a list of your MAG administrators, click the ‘My Account’ tab in MAG, and then click the ‘View Organization Details’ sub-tab.

    Applications – Boeing Description of Application

    Supply Chain Platform - Boeing (BSCP) 

     Used to respond to orders, create shipments, create invoices and view forecasts, typically used for non-787 programs.

    Supply Chain Platform - Boeing 787 SCMP Typically used for PO's from 787 Final Assembly LC 628 and the BSC (Boeing South Carolina) Logistical Companies (629, 637, 638).
    Access to Boeing Portal (BP) One Time Password (OTP) tokens used to access the BPN (Boeing Partners Network), also known as the Boeing Portal, which may give you additional access to other Boeing applications and file sharing.
    Secure Email with Boeing Issues security certificates to end users for authentication, digital signature and encryption associated with using secure email.

    IMPORTANT:  Once you complete the registration for these applications, you will be required to have a 2nd Factor for Authentication (2FA) to access them.  For more information regarding this requirement, please click here.


    One Time Password (OTP) Token: A One Time Password (OTP) token device is required for each individual who requires access. Purchase an OTP token by following the on-screen instructions found here

    Token Use:  Once received, activate your token and begin using it each time you login.  


     ** Before purchasing an OTP Token, verify from the list below that you do not already possess one of the alternate credentials that Boeing accepts for access to BSCP and/or 787 SCMP:


    Exostar issued FIS MLOA Hardware token

    Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG)

    NGC OneBadge issued by Northrop Grumman

    DOD Common Access Card