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  • The Boeing Company

  • Boeing Supply Chain Platform (BSCP) Registration

    If your organization does not have a MAG account:

    • Note:  If you have a token for accessing applications, then you have a MAG account already.  If you have never done business with Exostar, or only used Supply Chain Platform - 787, then you need a MAG account. 
    • Click here to submit a MAG registration request for your organization.  Select ‘Supply Chain Platform – Boeing' on the Products & Services page.
    • Within 72 business hours you should receive an email from Exostar with log in credentials and/or instructions.

    If your organization has a MAG account, but you do not have a MAG User ID:

    • Click here to complete a user registration request.
    • You will need your Exostar Organization ID to complete the user registration.  If you do not know your Organization ID, please ask any MAG user in your organization to log in to MAG and click on the ‘My Account’ tab.  The Organization ID appears on the next screen.
    • After you submit your user registration, a MAG administrator in your organization needs to approve your request.
    • After your request is approved, you will receive an automated email with log in credentials and instructions.

    If you already have a MAG User ID, but your organization does not have access to BSCP (Administrators Only)

    • Log in to your MAG account, click the ‘Administration’ tab, and then click the ‘Subscribe to Application’ sub tab. Click ‘Subscribe to Application’ next to Supply Chain Platform - Boeing (BSCP).
    • After you submit the request for access, an Exostar Administrator will approve the organization request.
    • After the organization request has been approved, you (Administrator) will need to accept the Terms and Conditions. After the terms have been accepted, users will see the 'Request Access' link on the "Home' tab.

    If you already have a MAG User ID, but you need access to BSCP:

    • Log in to your MAG account, click the ‘Home’ tab, and then click the ‘Request Access’ link located next to ‘Supply Chain Platform – Boeing’.
    • If you do not see the ‘Request Access’ link, please contact your MAG organization administrator.  Your organization administrator will need to request access to the application before you can continue.
    • After you submit your request for access, a MAG administrator for your organization (with BSCP administration privileges) needs to authorize your request.
    • After your request is authorized, you should have access to BSCP within 20 minutes.