• The Boeing Company

  • Boeing Portal (BP) Registration

    Boeing Suppliers access the Boeing Portal (BP) through Exostar’ s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) system. 

    Registration steps include:  

    1. Supplier Company Registration: Supplier companies requiring first-time access to the Boeing Portal(BP) through Exostar must contact a Boeing Procurement Agent to be invited to complete the supplier company registration. Company must already be an established Boeing Supplier.
    2. Organization Administrator(s) Assignment: One or more employees of the supplier company will fill the Organization Administrator role and will complete the initial supplier company registration.  The Organization Administrator will also create and manage individual Managed Access Gateway(MAG) accounts.  A complete description of the Organization Administrator's responsibilities can be found here. Contact Exostar Customer Support to find out if your company has registered for access to the Boeing Portal(BP) or to locate your Organization Administrator. 
    3. MAG Account Registration for Individuals: Individual accounts are created and managed by the Organization Administrator.   One MAG account is required for each individual who requires access.
    4. One Time Password (OTP) Token: A One Time Password(OTP) token device is required for each individual who requires access. Purchase an OTP token by following the on-screen instructions found here.  

    Token Use:  Once received, activate your token and begin using it each time you login.   

     ** Before purchasing an OTP Token, verify from the list below that you do not already possess one of the alternate credentials that Boeing accepts for access to Boeing Supplier Portal:

    • Exostar issued FIS MLOA Hardware token
    • Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG)
    • NGC OneBadge issued by Northrup Grumman
    • DOD Common Access Card