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    ForumPass enables organizations to work together better in a shared and internet-based collaborative workspace. Flexible security features make it one of the most secure online collaboration platforms available. Based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, ForumPass delivers robust functionality through an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. 

    This document will outline the topics noted below at a high level

    • Organization/User Onboarding    
    • Administrator Tasks  
    • End User Tasks  
    • Project/Site Owner Tasks  

    Organization/User Onboarding

    New organizations and their users will be on-boarded under the pre-determined method by the sponsoring organization’s documented process. There are two onboarding methods used to initiate a registration for access to Exostar’s Identity Management Portal, the Managed Access Gateway commonly referred to as “MAG”, and for access to ForumPass.  The onboarding methods consist of a Search & Invite feature and a Bulk Upload process.

    Search & Invite - An Exostar Adoption Administrator will use the organization and user details provided by the sponsoring entity and will issue an invitation.  The customer designated as the administrator will need to Accept & Complete the registration, before the registration is processed. Once the registration is processed by Exostar, users will receive their log in credentials via email.

    Bulk Load Process – Generally reserved for large volume organizations and user onboarding.  The Sponsoring organization will be required to provide the organization and user details to Exostar in the required format.  Exostar will coordinate the bulk load activities with the Sponsoring organization and project leads based on the project timelines.

    Administrator Tasks

    The designated administrator for an organization will be required to accept the invitation and complete the registration process.  Exostar will process the registration and all users will receive their log-in credentials via email. 

    The Administrator will be required to review the Exostar Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs) and accept the ForumPass Service Agreement, before any user will be able to access the ForumPass application.

    End User Tasks

    Each user will receive a user id, one-time password and system-generated password to establish their account. Each user is required to establish their account by completing the First Time Log in process. 

    On the MAG > My Account Dashboard, the user will see the ForumPass application status as either Pending Ts&Cs Acceptance or Active. If Ts&Cs are pending, the designated organization administrator must accept the terms before the user will see the Active status and Open Application link.  

    Click Open Application to access the ForumPass project site.  Each user will be required to accept the Export Control Notice to access the ForumPass environment (sample attached).  Depending on the security level of the project site, you may be required to install a digital certificate also. Your project invitation will indicate whether or not you will be accessing a Core or Sensitive project site.  You will need to work with your IT staff to obtain administrative rights to install the required ActiveX Controls.  For additional information regarding certificate issues please refer to http://www.myexostar.com/Federated-Identity-Service/FAQ/

    Exostar offers instructor led and recorded training sessions on basic navigation and functionality.  To access the scheduled and recorded sessions, please go to http://www.myexostar.com/ForumPass/Training/.  All users also have access to a Support Site which includes user guides, release notes, helpful hints. The Support Site can be accessed under your name menu within the ForumPass application.  Customer Service can be reached http://www.myexostar.com/Online-Support/

    Project/Site Owner Tasks

    The Project/Site Owner must invite each user to the project site.  Until this action has been completed, users will not see the project site listed under their Workspaces in the ForumPass application.  Each user will receive an email from the site owner when you have been granted permissions to the project site.


    User Access Profiles 

    ForumPass offers four different access profiles for users: Core, Sensitive, Restricted and Protected.

    The Core Profile provides the following capabilities:

    Document Management Capabilities, including:

    • Multiple file upload and download capability
    • Document Check out/Upload a New Version capability
    • Version Management
    • Fully configurable folder and file level permission assignment
    • Document approval routing
    • Document access reporting

    Business Process Automation (workflows), including:

    • Customizable business workflow templates
    • Ability to route, track and monitor tasks
    • Ability to re-route and escalate delayed tasks
    • Shared project calendar for project-wide visibility 

    Enhanced Features and Usability, including:   

    • Personalized site views allowing users to aggregate tasks, documents, and other resources into a single site
    • Fully customizable access controls for projects, sites and individual documents
    • Streamlined end-user enablement process
    • Web Conferencing

    The Sensitive, Restricted, and Protected Profiles provide all the features of the Core Profile as well as certificate based authentication and enhanced capability to share information. CertiPath compliant certificates can be used, including FIS certificates.

    Sensitive profiles users will authenticate using a Basic Level of Assurance digital certificate and will have the ability to create and access both encrypted and non-encrypted document libraries.

    Restricted and Protected Profile users will require a User ID, Password, Medium Level of Assurance certificate, Restricted Attribute enabled in MAG, TLS 1.0 must be enabled in your browser and JAVA applet.


    Restricted profiles will have the ability to create and access only encrypted document libraries.



    FP Core Profiles