• Get Started with Exostar's Identity Access Management (IAM) Platform


    Exostar's IAM Platform (formerly known as MAG) is a secure identity and access management cloud service for the Aerospace Defense industries. With the Exostar IAM Platform, organizations enjoy benefits like account management, web-based single sign-on user access and a single place to connect to buyer partner applications they are doing business with.

    Get Registered  

    Step 1. Get invited by your buyer partner and register your organization.

    Step 2. Complete first time login to your Exostar IAM Platform account. 

    Step 3. Accept Terms and Conditions to access partner applications for your organization. 

    Step 4. Purchase credentials.

    Step 5. Activate credentials.  

    Step 6. Login to your Exostar IAM Platform account with your credentials.


    Get Help  

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