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  • Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Exostar provides the following services and applications to Lockheed Martin and their trading partners:

    Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is used to connect Lockheed Martin’s ProcurePay and Aero Portals to Exostar’s trading partner community. Suppliers that require access to these portals are issued credentials referred to as SMS/OTP. These credentials leverage a user’s mobile phone as a two-factor authentication device, prior to allowing access to any Lockheed Martin applications.

    Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) allows Lockheed Martin employees to use their Lockheed Martin network login credentials to access Exostar and other third party applications such as NASA, instead of being issued login credentials from Exostar.

    As part of their registration process to Exostar, Lockheed Martin suppliers create detailed supplier profiles in the Trading Partner Manager (TPM). This information may include a cyber-security questionnaire, if required by Lockheed Martin.