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  • Managed Access Gateway (MAG)

    Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is a consolidated portal for registration, authentication, and account management across applications and services hosted by Exostar and those managed by external entities.These external entities may include Exostar partners or third-parties. 

    MAG Objectives

    MAG's objective is to consolidate organization and user registration processes along with account management across Exostar's community of customers and services.

    Benefits include:

    • Easing customer adoption
    • Providing unified accessibility processes across Exostar and customer managed application services
    • Managing a searchable repository of all organizations (Suppliers)
    • Improving customer service

    MAG extends the basic concept of federated web Single-Sign-On (SSO) to support highly sensitive applications that host proprietary or export sensitive data. Exostar's MAG is flexible for various application profiles and supports authentication credentials of varying assurance levels (e.g. username and password, Medium Level of Assurance PKI certificates, OTP hardware tokens, soft-OTP tokens).

    Training and Reference for MAG

    You may access available support documentation by access the appropriate links below: 

    • MAG Administrative Roles Training Material: If you have any of the MAG administrator roles such as Organization Administrator, Application Administrator, FIS administrator etc, you can access information on training and administrator guides here.
    • User Training Material: If you don't have any administrator roles and need to complete user tasks in the MAG portal or access applications, refer to the MAG user guides and training demos here.