• One Time Password (OTP)

  • OTP Hardware Tokens

    Exostar now offers event-based OTPs for strong two-factor authentication. The OTP Hardware token will allow the user to access Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) using a unique password valid for a single session. The user will be able to generate the password for each login attempt by pressing a button on the token.


    • Password is valid for a single session only
    • Provides security over traditional ‘static’ passwords that are vulnerable to theft
    • Use a single OTP token across multiple Exostar MAG accounts (refer to OTP Hardware Token User Guide for additional details)

    Boeing OneID program is using Exostar's One Time Password (OTP) Hardware tokens for their suppliers to access the Boeing Portal. You can find more information on the Boeing OneID Program on Exostar's Boeing OneID Supplier site.

    Please refer to the OTP Hardware Token Renewal Policy for more information on renewals.

    Phone Based OTP

    Exostar now offers Phone-Based OTPs for strong two-factor authentication.  Users subscribed to the Phone-OTP service can use a cell phone or a land-line to receive an OTP for multi-factor login to their Exostar MAG accounts and access to applications within MAG.  Please visit the Phone-Based OTP website for more information.