• Live Video Proofing Resource Guide 

    This document will provide information and troubleshooting steps to assist you in successfully completing webcam-based Identity Verification. 


    What is Webcam-Based Identity Verification?

    • Some users will need to present a series of documents that prove their identities to qualified Exostar personnel over a live webcam-based "Proofing" session.  Click the link to see a list of acceptable documentation.
    • Exostar Live Video Proofing takes place within a secure Cisco Webex meeting.  Before your appointment we highly recommend performing the Webex System Test on your machine, as there will be very limited time during the proofing session to troubleshoot your system configuration.  Excessive troubleshooting time during the proofing appointment may result in the need to reschedule.

    Do I have a webcam?

    • Nearly all modern laptop computers come with built in webcams.  If you aren't sure if your laptop has a built in webcam, speak to your IT Department or the manufacturer of the computer.  Manufacturer websites will contain any necessary documentation and drivers to get a built-in webcam up and running.

    If you don't have a webcam, one can be purchased cheaply online or from a local retailer.  Some easily accessible retailers may be:

    • Best Buy ( US and Abroad)
    • Amazon.com (US and Abroad)
    • Curry's (UK)
    • Most PC or computer retailers

    What about the specifications of the webcam?

    Generally, we recommend any name-brand USB 2.0 webcam with autofocus capability, though 720p capability is also recommended.  A webcam with a microphone is not required. Here are some suggested products that will be compatible with most computers:

    Can i join the Webex live video proofing from a mobile device?

    • Newer mobile devices such as a 3rd generation or later iPad, iPhone 5, and many Android devices support the Cisco Webex App, which can be downloaded from iTunes and the Google Play store.  These devices may have sufficient front-facing camera quality to successfully complete the live video proofing if a more conventional webcam is not available to you. Note that if you choose to go this route for video proofing, Exostar personnel cannot provide troubleshooting for your device.  

    What is expected of me (the user) at the time of Live Video Proofing?

    • Be on time for your appointment.  Remember you can always reschedule.  Multiple failures to attend a scheduled proofing session may result in additional charges to complete the proofing process.
    • Be prepared and have your approved documentation ready.
    • Run Webex system test prior to the appointment and resolve technical or webcam issues to the extent possible.  Limited technical assistance will be available from Exostar during the proofing session.

    What is expected of Exostar?

    • The qualified Exostar employee conducting your proofing will be on time to the appointment.
    • Exostar will record and store the type of document presented, the issuer of the document, the unique identifying number of the document, your full name as it appears on the document, and the expiration of the document.

    What information will be recorded?  How is the integrity of my personal information guaranteed? 

    • The Proofer shall not collect or record copies or images of the identity documents presented by the Applicant during the proofing event.   
    • The Proofer shall record the results of the proofing event in an SSL/TLS protected MAG session which is authenticated by Level 4 PKI two-factor credentials. Level 4 PKI certificate is a Medium Level of Assurance hardware certificate issued to Exostar staff to ensure a trusted connection between the user and Exostar systems.  Exostar proofers will need to be in possession of and leveraging their credential in order to access the systems necessary to conduct the proofing.  The issuance process for a PKI Level 4 credential is significantly more rigorous than Phone OTP, hardware OTP, and many other industry-standard credential types.  
    • No recording or transcript of the Video Proofing event shall be created or retained by any party    
    • The minimum retention periods for archive data is 3 years for Exostar MAG and EAG Subscriber authentication events, and 10 years and 6 months for Exostar OTP proofing, provisioning, re-sync, and de-provisioning events.   
    • Exostar will record and store the type of document presented, the issuer of the document, the unique document number, the legal name as it appears on the document, and the expiration of the document.   


    Acceptable Identification

    US Users

    • Government (state or federal) issued photo Identification. 


    Locality Specific Approved Identity Documentation

    The following table represents locality specific items that provide sufficient evidence of identity.  These requirements are subject to change.  


    • In all locals, a National issued Passport fully satisfies the proofing requirement.
    • Each bullet in the Identity Documents column (which may include a combination of documents), fully satisfies the proofing requirement

    Click here to view Locality-Specific Approved Identity Documentation