• Secure Access Manager (SAM)

  • Secure Access Manager (SAM) User and Administrator Guides

    User Guides

    SAM Login Guide Quick Reference Guide (QRG) - This QRG is intended to be used by new and existing SAM users. 

    SAM User Guide - This guide is intended for all user of the Secure Access Manager (SAM). The guide will provide information on the tasks that users need to perform to manage their account including Login, User ID and Password resets, Expired Passwords, Profile Management, and Application Management.

    Administrator Guides

    SAM Credential Administrator Quick Reference Guide (QRG) - This QRG is intended to be used by SAM Credential Administrators. 

    SAM Administrator Training Guide - This guide is intended to be used by SAM Organization and SP Administrators.  The guide aims to provide an overview of the key functions of SAM, define the primary organizational responsibilities and roles within SAM, and provide detailed steps to execute basic administrative functionality within SAM. Administrators can approve or deny application access, view users and current application subscriptions, suspend/enable access to applications, and view organizations and set approval settings.    

    SAM Organization Registration Guide - This guide is intended to be used by new organizations who wish to register for Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM).