• Secure Access Manager (SAM)

  • Secure Access Manager (SAM) User and Administrator Guides 

    Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM) is a consolidated portal for registration, authentication, and account management for all solutions and services hosted by Exostar. It can also serve as an authentication gateway for solutions managed by external partners. SAM consolidates an organization’s user registration and solution access process and includes the day-to-day account management functions across Exostar’s community of customers and services. Below are user and administrator guides available for SAM:


    User Guides:

    SAM Differences Guide - Learn more about the new features in our most recent SAM upgrade. 

    SAM First Time Login Guide - This guide is intended to be used by new and existing SAM users. The guide will provide users with an introduction to SAM and will highlight how to get started using the tool.

    SAM User Guide - This guide is intended for all user of the Secure Access Manager (SAM). The guide will provide information on the tasks that users need to perform to manage their account including Login, User ID and Password resets, Expired Passwords, Profile Management, and Application Management.

    Administrator Guides: 

    SAM Admin Training Guide - This guide is intended to be used by SAM Administrators.  The guide aims to provide an overview of the key functions of SAM, define the primary organizational responsibilities and roles within SAM, and provide detailed steps to execute basic administrative functionality within SAM.

    SAM Organization Registration Guide - This guide is intended to be used by new organizations who wish to register for Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM).  

    SAM Service Provider Administrator Guide - This guide is intended to be used by SAM users that have the Service Provider Administrator (SP Admin) role within the application. The SP Admin can approve or deny application access, view users and current application subscriptions, suspend/enable access to applications, and view organizations and set approval settings.