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      • How does Identity Proofing Work?

        Most users will be able to complete the automated identity proofing process within a few minutes by answering several questions about their credit history; however, if you are unwilling or unable to complete the automated process you will be required to schedule an interview with an identity proofing agent that will take place using a live video conference. For this process your computer must have a broadband internet connection, be equipped with a webcam offering 720p resolution or better, and you will need to show (original) identification documentation to the agent. 


        For more information, refer to the link below to see a list of acceptable documentation: http://www.myexostar.com/lm2fa/webcam_proofing_information/


         • Experian Proofing: The purpose of the personal information is to validate the user’s true identity. The information is utilized by Experian to locate you in their database. Your identity will be verified using a combination of personal and financial information. You will be prompted to answer questions about yourself which a credit reporting agency will match to financial information they maintain in a database. Once the initial questions are answered, the full identity verification process may be completed online, or could require the use of a webcam to complete. Please see the information on Webcam proofing below for more information on webcam proofing. You may be asked to provide personal information (address, partial SSN) and confirm financial information about yourself through Exostar's partnering credit reporting agency. This information is not stored or shared by Exostar. If Exostar's Partnering credit firm is not able to locate you based on a partial SSN, you may then be asked to enter your full, nine digit SSN. Verification of your identity through Exostar's Partnering credit reporting agency may appear on your credit report, but will not affect your credit score.
        • Webcam Proofing: Some users will need to present a series of documents that prove their identities to qualified Exostar personnel over a live webcam-based "Proofing" session. Exostar Live Video Proofing takes place within a secure Cisco Webex meeting. Before your appointment we highly recommend performing the Webex System Test on your machine, as there will be very limited time during the proofing session to troubleshoot your system configuration. Excessive troubleshooting time during the proofing appointment may result in the need to reschedule.


        For more information, refer to the Video Proofing Guide.

      • Why is Identity Proofing required?

        Federal and state governments have enacted a number of credentialing requirements for healthcare companies who wish to support Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) and requires that the individual practitioners be responsible for ensuring a prescription that conforms to all legal requirements; and the pharmacist, acting under the authority of the DEA-registered pharmacy, has a corresponding responsibility to ensure that the prescription is valid and meets all legal requirements. Please see some of the major DEA EPCS requirements that includes:
        • Use of EPCS application that is certified by a DEA approved entity.
        • Completion of a compliant identity-proofing process.
        • Use of a secure, two-factor authentication process to sign prescriptions for controlled substances.
        Exostar is certified by SAFE BioPharma as a Credential Service Provider that meets the US Federal Identity and Credentialing Access Management (FICAM) Level 3 Non-PKI standards. Exostar works with DEA approved auditors to support practitioners such as the EHR system in order to assure that they meet the DEA requirements.
        In order for Exostar and the EHR system to obtain the necessary certifications and accreditations mentioned above, our ProviderPass solution is required to verify your identity using mechanisms approved by the trust framework before binding your HW OTP token to your account. Two mechanisms have been audited and approved: Asking you out-of-wallet questions about your credit history or live verification of your identification by trusted agents via High Definition webcam.


        For more information regarding the DEA EPCS requirements, click here.


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