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  • R-R Global Supplier Portal (GSP)

  • The Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal (GSP) is the supplier’s access point for information and documents such as SABRe and Notices to Suppliers (NTS). The GSP will provide a measurable framework to facilitate two-way interaction with Rolls-Royce suppliers, enabling us to conduct business transactions, communicate information, answer questions and resolve business issues.  

    In the current GSP, specific users are able to access the electronic First Article Inspection process within the secure portion of the portal. The open access section of the portal provides Rolls-Royce internal employees and suppliers access to common information including NTS, General Conditions of Purchase and SABRe.

    GSP provides the enabling technology to support Process Excellence and other initiatives. The GSP provides the framework for globally standardised processes to foster open and trust-based supplier relationships within the Aerospace, Marine and Nuclear supply chains.


    What the future holds:
    Future releases of the Portal will include a Search capability on the Rolls-Royce Supplier Approvals listing, Supplier access to the electronic Concessions process, and further enhancements to existing functionality such as Search capability for Supplier Documents.