• Rolls-Royce eTools: How to Subscribe

  • The table below will walk you through the step-by-step process for subscribing to Rolls-Royce eTools.  Review the information in each column carefully. For each step, click on the IMAGE for more information.  In the middle of each page, there is also a recorded training demo and a detailed walkthrough of the process that you can download. 

    Rolls-Royce eTools (DEUTSCH)

    Step 1
    Accept Agreement
    Step 2
    Purchase Subscriptions
    Step 3
    Approve Users
    Step 4
    Download Certificates

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    RR eTools - Guide for How to Subscribe

    About Rolls-Royce eTools

    What is RR eTools? 

    Rolls-Royce has defined a core set of eBusiness tools that are being offered to you as a way to improve how you conduct business with them.  RR eTools is basically a group of applications that require a single registration and login process.  eTools includes access to the Global Supplier Portal which allows you to submit concessions electronically and search for approved suppliers.  It also has a Supplier News zone that notifies you of upcoming changes. 

    In early 2014, eTools will include a mandate to electronically invoice through the Supply Chain Platform.  This change will allow all suppliers to complete a standard invoicing process which will improve payment processing time and efficiency by Rolls-Royce.


    Why do I need to subscribe to eTools?

    In order to be prepared for the eTools mandate, you need to subscribe when you are advised to proceed.  The timing will vary according to your current status as a new or existing supplier within the Exostar directory.  Also, suppliers will be added in waves, so read email communications carefully to watch for the date when you can start the subscription process.


    How much does this cost?

    There is a minimum charge of US $200.00 and that fee will allow you to subscribe up to two users for one year.  Each additional user that you would like to subscribe is US $100 each for an annual subscription.  A subscription includes unlimited transactions and access to all tools inthe Global Supplier Portal and Supply Chain Platform (SCP-RR).  The price structure is the same when it is time to renew subscriptions.


    What if I already use some of the applications that are in RR eTools?

    In most cases, you will continue to use the application and then when it is time for you to renew your access to that application, you will subscribe to RR eTools.