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  • Supply Chain Platform (SCP-RR)

  • Rolls-Royce Controls and Data Services Limited

    Supplier Information

    As of June 2015, Rolls-Royce Controls and Data Services Limited (CDS) has transferred their e-commerce solutions for the electronic transmission of purchase orders, delivery schedules and long-term forecasts to suppliers from Aerovantix to Exostar's Supply Chain Platform - Rolls-Royce (SCP-RR).  Through SCP-RR, you can respond to CDS purchase orders and delivery schedules.  Long-term forecasts can also be viewed and downloaded from SCP-RR. 

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    Suppliers access SCP-RR through Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) portal.  Each user that works with Rolls-Royce through Exostar must register for a RR eTools user account.  There is an annual fee per user for RR eTools. 

    The registration process varies based on your company's current account status with Exostar:

    Your company already uses SCP-RR to receive documents from Rolls-Royce.

    No action required if you already have a RR eTools account and login ID for Exostar.  You are ready to work in SCP-RR with CDS. 

    Your company uses Exostar to access applications for other customers.

    This means your company already has a MAG account.  SCP-RR was added to the MAG account.   You just need to set up a RR eTools user account. 

    Your company is brand new to Exostar.

    Using info provided by Rolls-Royce, Exostar registers your company for a new MAG account.  You must complete the first-time login and set up a RR eTools user account. 



    QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE for Suppliers - Click Here to download.


    Detailed Training Presentations (PowerPoint Slides)
         Get Started and Basic Functionality 

          Purchase Orders

          Delivery Schedules and Long Term Forecasts