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  • Supply Chain Platform (SCP)

  • Working in SCP - Helpful Tips

    Get Assistance

    To contact Exostar's Customer Support, use the 'Contact Us' tab above for a phone number and hours.  To create your own online support case, use the 'Online Support' tab. Many of the SCP hubs have a 'Contact Support' button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Access Training Materials 

    All of the SCP hubs have a 'Help' link (top right corner).  Each help file is a 1-2 page guide for a specific topic, such as 'How to Print Orders' or 'Advanced Searching'. 

    Each SCP hub has its own training page on this website.  The training materials usually include quick reference guides, live training presentations and recorded demonstrations.  To access training materials, hover over the 'Training' tab (above).  Scroll down and select an SCP hub by customer.  This will take you to that hub's training section of the website.  On the left navigation tree, go to the 'Administration' page for any SCP hub to get help with org accounts, users and roles.

    Configure Your Screens 

    Did you know almost every screen in SCP can be customized?  That means you can remove (hide) data fields and columns that you don't use and rearrange the order of lines and columns on each screen.  For more info, download How to Customize Your Screens .

    Search More Effectively 

    There is so much valuable data stored in SCP.  You can use some of the more advanced features of searching to quickly answer business questions and manage exceptions.  To learn how to save time and get better search results in SCP, download Advanced Searching Tips.

    Multiple Users at Your Company 

    If you have more than one SCP user for your company, and you are sharing the workload to process orders or forecasts, it is possible to filter the My Workspace page or save search criteria so that you only see orders or forecasts that are assigned to you.  For the My Workspace page, click on the filter icon next to any section and set up the criteria to be used for filtering.  To save a search as your 'filter' on a search page, review the 'Advanced Searching Tips' (link in previous section).

    Note:  If you are managing multiple Exostar user accounts, you can link them together so that you only have to use one User ID and password to access all of your accounts.  Click here for details.

    Quickly Download a 'Report' of Data 

    On most of the list pages in SCP, there is a 'Download' button in the top right corner that allows you to quickly download the rows of data to Excel.  You can also set up templates for which columns of data you would like to download and in what order.  For more info, read Download SCP Data (to Excel).

    Home Page and Email Alerts 

    In SCP, you can set the first page that you see as you login (your 'home page').  You can also turn on or off email alerts for your user account.  For both of these features, go to the 'My Profile' section on the SCP navigation tree. 

    Uploading and Downloading Documents

    Supply Chain Platform offers the ability for users to upload and download certain document types in Excel format. The Upload/Download functionality is located on the Navigation Menu in most SCP Hubs. This workflow allows users to download document types in pre-formatted Excel files, make changes to preapproved fields, and upload the updated version back into their respective application.   Below is an overview of how the process works. For specific business process-related steps, visit the SCP Product page for information on specific SCP Hubs. 


    Users must download a preformatted Excel document to populate pre-approved fields for that document type. To download a template:

    1. Locate the Download function on the Navigation Menu.
    2. Select the appropriate document type from the Download menu.
    3. Enter Search criteria and conduct a search.
    4. Select the UI Export option.
    5. The document will be successfully downloaded in .xls format.

    Once all editable fields are updated, follow the steps below to upload the document:

    1. Locate the Upload function on the Navigation Menu.
    2. Select Upload file.
    3. Choose the file from your PC or Network.
    4. Upload the document.
    5. Once successfully uploaded, the status on the screen indicates complete.  

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