• Secure Login to SCP

  • Transfer Proofing from Phone to Token

    You should complete this process if you already have the Phone login process, but you are being asked to add the Token login process (HW OTP) for access to Boeing applications.  At the conclusion of this process, you will have a Token (HW OTP) with upgraded proofing, which is sufficient for access to all SCP applications.


    First you will need to activate the Token (HW OTP) by purchasing and registering the token on your account (in addition to the existing Phone login process).  

    Instructions to Activate a Token Login with Existing Phone OTP subscription.

    Download a Quick Reference Guide 


    There are six steps to activate your token login:

    • Select to purchase an 'OTP Hardware Token' from your Exostar user account (MAG) Manage OTP tab
    • Purchase the token in Exostar's webstore
    • Receive the token from FedEx shipping
    • Login with your Phone OTP Subscription
    • Navigate to the Manage OTP tab and click the Details button.
    • Click the Add Token button on the OTP details page
    • Activate the token - bind the token to your Exostar user account 

     If you have any questions, please contact Exostar Customer Support.