• BAE Systems Portal

  • The BAE Systems Portal is used by approved individuals that work on projects or are part of our supplier base to access BAE Systems applications.  This solution provides BAE Systems with standardized method for authentication and access for our External user community.

    Get Started

    If you were invited by BAE Systems to use the BAE Systems Portal, you will be asked to provide contact details to BAE Systems.  Once Exostar receives your information, we can begin the registration process.

    After you are registered, you will receive an email from Exostar that contains your login credentials and instructions on how to login for the first time.  You can also review the Administration section for details on how to login and add more users.  BAE Systems will require a level 3 or above credential strength to login to the BAE Systems Portal.

    The user designated as the administrator for your company (usually the first person registered) must agree to the terms and conditions before logging into BAE Systems Portal.  Other users can skip this step once the agreement is in place.

    Note: You can assign a different administrator at any time by completing a Change Authorization Form and submitting it to Exostar's Customer Support.  The Organizational Administrator can also assign additional Administrators for both the BAE Systems Portal and additional Organization Administrators.