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  • Hardware Token Installation Guide 

    Purpose: This guide will provide instructions on how to install the required software in order for your computer to properly communicate with the Aladdin token that has been purchased.  This token will be used to download/access Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) hardware digital certificates.  The software can be loaded by either clicking on the links provided below, or by inserting the token into your computer which will download the middleware automatically. The software that will be required for download is the following: SafeNet Authentication Client and Exostar Certificate Issuance Software.

    Note: Please close all open programs before starting the hardware token installation.

    Step 1-A

    Choose one of the links listed below to start the software download process

    For computer environments that support 32Bit


    For computer environments that support 64Bit


    SafeNet Authentication Client Download:

    Please click 'Yes' when this screen appears to start the download process.



    This screen will display when software files are being installed.



    This screen will display time remaining for installation.



    After installation note the SafeNet Icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop (You may need to click on the small arrow that states 'show hidded icon').


    Note: After the SafeNet Authentication Client is installed the following software will start to download.


    Exostar Certificate Issuance Software Setup:

    Please click Next when this screen appears to start the software download process.



    Please click next when this screen appears.


    Please click next when this screen appears.



    Installation is complete please click Close.


    Step 1-B

    Insert token into computer and install software components

    In order for your computer to properly communicate with the token, you must first install the token software, which is provided by the token manufacturer, SafeNet-Aladdin.

    • Insert your token.

    Note: When you insert your token for the first time it may install USB related software, and request that you restart your computer.  In such cases, please proceed to restart your computer.



    • You will be prompted to download and intall the required components (internet connection required).
    • Click on "Run Launcher.exe".
    • Follow the prompts.


    Note: If you are not automatically prompted, open Windows Explorer (Right click on the Start menu, select Explorer), the token will appear as a CD Drive. Double click on Launcher.exe".



    Important: During the installation:

    1. You must have Administrative rights to your computer.
    2. You may be prompted by Windows to allow changes to your computer. Select "Yes" or "Allow".
    3. Click "Next" when prompted by the installer to accept the default options.
    4. Click "Close" when you see "Installation Complete" to finish. 

    Step 2

    Reinsert token into computer

    • Unplug the token and reinsert.  After a few moments, the token will be recognized.



    • You will be prompted to change the "Token Password"

    Important: When you use the Token going forward, you will be required to enter this password. Choose a Token Password that you will remember. If you forget this Token Password, you will be required to reinitialize your Token and reapply for certificates,at your expense.

    Default Token Password:  1234567890




    Help information links:

    These tokens are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified, which is required by Federal policy to support Medium Level of Assurance certificate interoperability with the US Federal Bridge Certificate Authority and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).