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    • Registration Process

      • 9) What is the registration process to receive credentials?

        Click here to visit the 2 Factor Authentication website for a Step by Step guide.

      • 10) How much will this credential cost me?

        Phone OTP for users located in the United States is $34.00.  Phone OTP for users located internationally is $71.00.  The One Time Password Hardware Token (includes proofing) is $80.00.  Prices do not include taxes and shipping (if applicable).

      • 11) What if I have already purchased a certificate or token for another customer?

        If you have purchased a Medium Level of Assurance Hardware token from Exostar to access a partner application,  you do NOT need to purchase anything else.  If you have purchased an OTP Hardware Token and are trying to access an application that requires the OTP Hardware Token with identity proofing, and have not previously completed the identity proofing process, you may need to perform a proofing upgrade.

      • 12) Why does the fee have to be paid every year?

        The credential is a subscription model for a service, similar to a Hardware OTP token or a digital certificate.

      • 13) For suppliers who upgrade an existing HW OTP token, will they have to renew with Exostar annually at the $34 rate?

        No, the standard rate of $80/year still applies for Hardware OTP users.  More information can be found here: http://myexostar.com/otp_hardware_renewal_policy.aspx

      • 14) What if a supplier doesn't have a webcam and must have one to complete the identity verification process?

        We recommend the supplier obtain a webcam as the most affordable option to be proofed.  Webcams are commonly available online for less than $25.  Please see our Webcam Support Guide for further information.

      • 15) Are there guidelines for computers and webcams that should be used for the registration process?

        To complete the setup process, please use computers and webcams that are under your control (e.g. supplier managed computers, customer sites (government and commercial), partner sites, or personal computers).  Do not use publicly accessible computers such as those at hotels, libraries, etc.

      • 16) Why is personal information required during the registration process?

        The purpose of the personal information is to validate the user’s true identity.  Just as a supplier representative would be expected to present personally identifying documentation (driver's license, passport, SSN) in order to visit an LM facility, we are requiring our supplier users to complete the identity verification process to access our systems.

      • 17) Does the process of accessing the user’s credit report count as a Credit Inquiry and/or affect the user’s credit rating?

        The inquiry will not negatively affect the user’s credit score.

      • 18) Are the SSN, DOB, and personal contact information stored or saved?

        This information is not stored or saved by Exostar or Lockheed Martin.  This is data the credit reporting agency already possesses.

      • 19) How do i register and manage phones?

        Please view the Phone OTP Management Guide for information on adding, removing, and managing phones.

      • 20) How do I receive the one time password?

        Part of the registration process is registering a text/SMS capable cell phone, or a land line.  After logging into Exostar MAG, you will request the OTP and it will be delivered via SMS text message or read to the user over the land line phone.

      • What if i receive an 'Object Error' when adding an item to the cart?

        Some users have reported receiving an error message, stating simply "Object Error," when attempting to add an item from the webstore to their cart.  This error may occur due to a javascript issue in Internet Explorer.  To mitigate this error:

        Internet Explorer 8:

        1. Click "OK" on the Object Error.
        2. Click the Tools menu item at the top of the page, then the Developer Tools option.
        3. A panel will appear at the bottom of the page.  One of the menu items in the panel is listed "Document Mode." Make sure Internet Explorer 8 is selected as the document mode.  
        4. The page will refresh and you should now be able to add the item to your cart.
        Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11:
        1. Click "OK" on the Object Error.
        2. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your browser window, then click F12 Developer Tools.
        3. A panel will appear at the bottom of the page.  In the column on the left side of the panel, scroll down to the bottom-most Icon and click it.  You should see a page labeled "Emulation."
        4. Change the first item on the menu, "Document Mode," to the highest value available (likely 9 or 10).
        5. The page will refresh and you should now be able to add the item to your cart.



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