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    What is Raytheon Identity Proofing service?

    The Raytheon Identity Proofing service requires you to register, complete Raytheon Export Control Awareness Training, schedule and successfully complete an in-person identity proofing appointment with an Exostar designated notary.

    Why do I need to use Raytheon Identity Proofing Service?  

    Users must complete this process to gain access to Raytheon ERFX application.

    How do I complete Raytheon Export Control Awareness Training?  

    You can find information about training through Raytheon’s supplier portal. The training materials can be accessed via the following methods:

    If you have existing access to the Raytheon Supplier Portal, log into your account via Exostar MAG. Click to open the "Raytheon Supplier Portal" listed under My Applications. On the Raytheon Supplier Portal, click "Export Control Training" under the FAQ/Training section on the left. Alternatively, you can call the Raytheon Support Center at 877-291-9990 and request Export Control Awareness Training (CEI003WB). 

    What is a Raytheon Identity Proofing License Key?  

    If you have been instructed to purchase a license, Exostar issues the Identity Proofing license key when you have made full payment for the purchase of your identity proofing service. This key represents the proof of your purchase and is a unique identifier that you will need to complete the registration to schedule your proofing appointment. This license key is sent to you via email once Exostar has received full payment for your order.

    What is the cost of one Identity Proofing?

    The cost of a proofing event at a US location is $145. 

    I have submitted my proofing appointment request. When and how will I be contacted for my appointment?

    If you are based within the United States, you will receive a phone call from an Exostar authorized notary within 2 business days. If the notary is unable to reach you via phone, a voice mail message will be left for you with instructions on contacting the notary. Additionally, an email will be sent with instructions on how to contact your notary. It is your responsibility to reach out to the notary if a voicemail has been left for you. 


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