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  • United Technologies Corporation

  • About the Program  

    United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has contracted with Exostar for an Identity Proofing Service for certain UTC-identified contractors.  Each contractor who provides services to a UTC aerospace business unit and requires access to any UTC computer system is required by UTC to complete the Identity Proofing process.  The following list are business units that may require contractors to complete the proofing process:

    • UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS)  
    • Pratt & Whitney     
    • Sikorsky    
    • United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)    
    • UTC Corporate      

    The contractor must bring all required documents to his/her scheduled Identity Proofing appointment (described below).  

    How It Works 

    1. If you are a contractor or employed by an organization that is contracted by a UTC aerospace business unit and identified by UTC, you must apply for your proofing via the UTC identity management system in order for you to receive access to the UTC computer system. A UTC hiring manager may also submit a request for the contractor.
    2. The UTC identity management system will send information to Exostar.
    3. Based on the information received by Exostar, the contractor will receive an email titled “UTC Computer System Access” from Exostar as an indication to start the Identity Proofing activity. IMPORTANT: you must review this email in detail prior to starting your Identity Proofing process. Refer to the Before you Begin section of the Proofing Process for specific information that you should review prior to starting your purchase. 
    4. You will be required to purchase an Identity Proofing license key (or use one previously purchased by your employer) prior to scheduling the Identity Proofing appointment.
    5. After you complete the review and activation of this license key via the information provided in the email titled “UTC Computer System Access” from Exostar, you will be contacted by a notary in the US (or an agent of Exostar outside of the US) to schedule the appointment to verify your information.

    IMPORTANT: Any information that you submit to the UTC authorized employee MUST match the legal documents that you will be submitting at your Identity Proofing appointment. If the information submitted to the UTC authorized employee does not match the legal documents that you submit at the Identity Proofing appointment, then that specific appointment will be concluded and you will be required to purchase a new license key and schedule a new appointment.


    Acceptable Documents (required for your proofing appointment)